The Monster Megagame is the brainchild of Jack Ford Morgan and James Elliott as they game tested their wares in the QUT Foundry HotPod mid 2018.

It began as a rumination about using a three dimensional model of the campus as a game-board and incorporating immersive exploratory experiences to augment game-play. Over the following months Jack and James worked to create treasure hunts, design and build a prototype model of the campus, incorporate university facilities, play test, and ultimately launch during O-Week 2019.

The Monster Megagame is now a semester wide project that aims to incorporate QUT facilities, public spaces, and resources to educate students around campus while providing a fun, interactive, community based gaming experience. We are looking forward to building the Monster Megagame world and watch it transform our model as the factions slowly come to power!


Tim Monley - Tech Design

Tim Monley is best known for his powerhouse work behind Folly Games. Now he brings his game integration experience into the technical world. He is building a technological augmentation between the board, the maps, the game play and the players to enhance the Monster Megagame world in a way that has never been done before.

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