Animal Empire 

Press Release

Conquer or be Conquered

Animal Empire is a territory capture, empire building card game by Half-Monster Games.

Set after the fall of humankind, the Animal Kingdoms have risen up and are vying for dominance to build the first Animal Empire of Earth.

Each player chooses one Animal Kingdom and sends its army out to conquer free kingdoms, search the wilds for magic or challenge other players’ armies. As the kingdoms grow, the only way to truly win is to capture other player’s kingdoms or crown and make them your vassal, eventually building your mighty Animal Empire!


Conquer or be Conquered.

Half Monster GAmes

Half-Monster Games has been developing and producing games for 4 years. Our previous game, “Terrible Candidates” was awarded ‘Game of the Year’ at the Australian Game Awards.

Our new game Animal Empire was fully backed on Kickstarter in the first 8 hours after launch!


We are now bringing it to stores in Australia and around the World.

Animal Empire Characteristics

Number of Players

2-8 Players

TIme Per Game

30 mins - 45 mins



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