Faction Leader: Jackson Fjord

Faculty: School of Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences

“We are working towards a sustainable future by analysing genomes of Australian plants and animals and improving agricultural and industrial processes. We are looking into real-world problems associated with food security, energy, health and the environement.”


It began like most great discoveries: a combination of chance, accident, and a mind open to the vast potential of what could be. At first it was small, microscopic, invisible. Life evolves exponentially meaning that 90% of progress happens in the last 1% of the duration of the object being studied. But this was different. This was inverse exponential development. Rapid growth from the beginning of an organism’s life that slowly stabilised toward an ideal. It was the evolution of a strange attractor, a paradigm shift. Water was the catalyst propelling massive benign mutations until one  effectively stabilised its reproduction. It loved water, you might say. And so the Biochrondys was born. Their story is the story of life on Earth, our solar system, and undeniably throughout the entire universe. The Biochrondys are life and as such, are the only way forward to a sustainable future.