Half-Monster Games now offers a range of card-based interactive experiences that allow attendees to explore and engage with conventions, festivals, and any other event you can imagine. 
Players take on roles that get them moving and interacting with one-another in fun and wholesome ways.

Their goal: find the gold coins, explore all special locations, and meet new people in a low-impact megagame unlike anything they've experienced before. 


Here's what players, stallholders, and convention organizers have to say about our Convention Megagames: 


Zac Naoum (Penny Arcade Expo)
"One-Shot Western is so much fun, to the props and the set dressing. Really enjoyed the way the game evolved, and how player's actions were incorporated into the system."


Chloe Ditchburn (AirPlant)

"Great fun having cowboys and girls dropping past all day.  Good way to increase people coming past the stall."

Bill Birch (Protect Your Investment)
"Worked well people coming up to out stand in search of treasure gave us time to interact with them and our products. Great Idea."


Allana Sliwinski (PAX Attendee)

"One Shot Western was the absolute highlight of PAX AUS. It helped me explore the con, meet fun people, and I loved all the emergent game play that came from it. There were quests, scavenger hunts, and stories to find. Great work, thanks for making PAX incredible."

Bree Frost and Riley O’Conner (Singer) 

"Heaps of fun for people to run round and see all of the things they may have missed. Who could hate a treasure hunt?"

Teanii Rose and Scott Gibbs (OzComicCon Crew)
"Lots of kids came by and really enjoyed hunting for the treasure. And they got to see a whole bunch of cosplays they may have otherwise missed so a great time for everyone!" 


Stephanie Dwyer (Attendee and Star Wars Exhibit Volunteer) 
“My highlight was bumping into a group of cowboys… who, with no explanation, gave me a gun, a hat, and a gold coin, and told me to not let anyone sneak up on me. Within seconds, I had some kid on my tail trying to rob me of my dang coin!? Not today, mate. I did not spend all that time slinging guns as Mary Fitzgerald to have my goshdarn choccy gold coin stolen from me.

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