Prevail by Maria Gabriela Orellana

The air over the water was constantly vibrating. It could be sensed. It was possible to detect movement, to detect life. Ox'eds knew that he was in foreign territory already. He could, actually, feel how everything around him was different to what he used to: the salt solutions that touched his skin, the amount of light, the water pressure, and the distant the appearance of other living creatures that weren’t psychically gifted cephalopods. Everything else was just mundane life, with no real purpose, no concept of true understanding, no different from a brainless vegetable.

The increase on the general brightness of the environment was not a total far-off concept to him, sadly. There has been several moments through his long life when he had to briefly be in contact with the outer sun light. It was a miserable sensation and essentially torture, for him or for his fellow Abyssal Raiders.

But every victory needs a few sacrifices, and exposing themselves to the depreciable sun was only one of the many sacrifices that the members of his






society have been doing through centuries.  The Axonate needed to prevail.

He extended his dark blue tail behind him to move forward, tilting his enormous, fanged head. His dark eyes made it look like he was completely blind, but in fact he could see, and better than most sea creatures. They were used to absolute darkness. That was their niche, and their way of life. Anything that’s vibrant and colourful only serves as a distraction, or as food.

The air vibration was getting more and more intense. Now the movement was more defined: it was a vast amount of living beings crowded at one place. He wasn’t sure of their reasons, but that was ultimately non-important:  their motives will always be lower than the Axonate. These creatures, these…beings, they all claimed to be different, to have unique societies, they were constantly fighting for supremacy…but it would always be in vain. Their lack of self-awareness and silent communication with their equals was nothing but a sign of ignorance that lead to individualism. It was impossible to conceive a dominant, competent civilization with individuals that didn’t share the same objective; and the only way to have a unique collective ideal was by sharing each individual thought into an intrinsically connected wire of neurons, which for them was the Axonate.

This was the only way a dominant culture would be able to prevail and survive every natural and non-natural catastrophe and survive until the end of times. Therefore, it was known that they were the only ones that should rule both the ground and the seas, the solid and liquid, the sunlight and the darkness. The conquering thirst was in their bloodless vessels, and the only way to calm it was to follow its lead. Their society was latent, not keeping a positive contact with any other individuals different from them, as the only purpose these despondent and hopeless beings could serve was their own doom and destruction. How was it possible that they could not see more than themselves? How was it possible to live without serving a collective purpose? It was just a matter of time before they collapsed to their own foolishness and incompetence, he thought. And for that, it was necessary to let them loathe each other first. To let them start their own wars, famines and disgregation.  Even if it took centuries. The Imminent Final was upon them, and there was no chance of changing it now. 

In the distance, he saw that the musky ground got interrupted. He got closer, as the land diagonally went up and it got separated from the next body of land. There was a naturally circular area that lead directly to the surface. A lake. Ox'eds came back from his thoughts and he sensed…metal. Artificially sharped metal was around the lake, around these beings. Armor. He also sensed fire. He was close to a fire source. It was not a massive flame. He also sensed crepitant wood. It was being silently and progressively disintegrated.  Raw meat was nearby as well, as its mineral content was still not fully burnt. There was water. There was alcohol.

He could observe their shadows as well, but he could not distinguish them very clearly. He saw furred creatures of predominantly grey and black colour by their reflection on the water. They were wearing the metallic pieces. He also noticed an orange furred creature, different from the rest, that was somehow interacting with the strong but shorter individuals. The vibration still existed, but he could not distinguish any evidence of phonetic communication. He saw the sky was of a bright orange, but that meant that the night was about to arrive. Their time was about to arrive. 
He looked down. His pupils stared at the void for a while. His whole body was stiff, his tentacles didn’t move at all. “There is an entrance” he communicated telepathically.  “The Axonate will prevail”.


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