The Queensland University of Technology as an institution of innovation  pushes the limits of human ingenuity, resourcefulness, and ambition like no other. Pioneering new forms of technology to aid in environmental, ecological, economic, and cultural sustainability has led to many breakthroughs in the fields of genetic engineering, dynamic robotic motion, artificial intelligence, the transformative power of the human imagination, and the future of humankind at large.


But the human race can not continue to evolve with the rapid exponential growth that has been characterising its progress throughout the history of our civilisation. To move forward we must innovate, and to innovate we must make careful decisions about which pathway we journey down.


But the once harmonious group of collaborative individuals started to falter. The differing minds and perspectives within the university started to diverge in their beliefs and objectives. Some demanded that artifical intelligence and automated systems will guide us forward to a sustainable future. Others argued that the manipulation of living systems was our best bet while more yet still felt that the cultural narrative itself needed rewriting.


And then there were those opposed to it all. The ones who felt that the path forward was not to grow but to stabilise as we are. Evolution inherently implies growth and growth was no longer sustaining us. These few were pushed underground, branded as parasitic traditionalists intent on hindering progress and destroying our future. An agreement could not be sought amongst the rivaling faculties and so the rift began and the four factions were born.