Faction Leader: Montgomery Worchester III

Faculty: School of Law, Psychology and Social Sciences

Author, publisher, novelist, linguist, professor of philosophy, public speaker, podcaster and of course, a vegan, Montgomery Worchester is a keen voice for the purity of the metaphysics in the department of Relevant Philosophy. "These beasts are a symptom of corruption in the fabric of time and space. We will track, contain, and eliminate them, and hunt their sources to keep humanity safe.”

For millennia this secret order has defended humanity from the worst threats the multiverse can throw at us.  With secret rites in ancient strongholds they guard the points where leylines meet and the void presses closest to our dimension. Training for Gatekeepers begins at a young age: orphans, unwanted twins, lost individuals and persons with no nation or home are all the most popular recruits. Learning to detect fractures in spacetime and to combat the horrors that emerge leave many scars on their bodies by the time a Gatekeeper comes of age. 

Perplexingly, despite wishing to contain the outer dimensions from breaching our own, the Gatekeepers are not above using what they find in and around the void to enhance their natural abilities. Cybernetics, gene augmentation, otherworldly technology and esoteric artifacts are frequent items of kit. Indeed, many Infiltrator teams work around the world to retrieve items of power from museums and private collections. 

We hold the final key