Thugnol, The Chosen One called his comrades to meet inside the Hegemony Keep. It was a very austere, grey-coloured stone fortress, but it was inexpungable. It had the generic commodities of a castle, but it did not hold back in terms of defence. About a thousand guards surrounded the fortress externally, not counting the ones inside. Thugnol was wearing an enormous, rusty, metallic, full-plate armour and he was carrying a huge double-bladed axe on his back. His rhinocerotic horn had golden engraving, and his eyes were tough, small, and black. He had a scar across his right cheek. The floor was always on the verge of shaking every time he walked due to his size. Now, he was waiting for everyone to appear inside of the Consensus Room, which was characterized by an enormous round table made out of stone, that had a golden sigil in the middle of it. He was outside, in the nearby hall, but he could hear the steps of his companions very clearly. They were used to these sorts of meetings on a weekly basis, so probably they must have thought that this was nothing new. The Giantians tended to speak about matters that concern the Hegemony between all the Knights of The Consensus and The Chosen One. Whoever portrayed this honorific title was meant to be the one that the Knights of The Consensus chose to rule the Hegemony, and the only requisite for this was to have a previous Knight title. He remembered the crowning day so vividly that it felt almost surreal. It was a huge honour to him; he was very proud of his Brothers and Sisters and he would die for them without hesitation. But, of course, if the chance existed, he would still choose to

















survive and rule. After all, any Kingdom needed a firm hand. Maybe they were way too firm, and maybe not everyone was entirely happy with that, but at least they guaranteed that no foreigners were going to enter their appreciated Hegemony. It was their territory, their land, their ground, their crops, their water. And they would defend it with everything they had. And for that, they needed a strong military service. Strong soldiers, and strong weapons. Weak Giantians were relegated to minor chores, as there was no highest reward for the common Giantian to be part of such a powerful display of an army.
Up to this point, Thugnol could hear a significant level of noise inside the Consensus Room. His Brothers and Sisters have already been reunited. Their potent voices resounded inside the Keep. Thugol wasn’t really sure about how to proceed right now. He looked at his front foot, specifically at the letter that he had been holding until right now, with a red and black seal on its right corner, and started reading it again:

“(…) The Avian States want to initiate negotiation to be allies

with the Giantian Hegemony as soon as possible. This is a

petition to protect both of our lands. I am personally asking

for permission to enter to your territory, and the present letter

is to make sure that not me nor my image will be attacked nor

harmed in anyway. Confidentiality is fundamental to us, please

share this information with outmost secrecy. I will attach

alongside these words the precedent reason in case you were

not informed beforehand. We do not need the citizens of our

respective jurisdictions to be aware of the imminent war, not

until it is too late. Please do not hesitate about starting

discussions, we are aware of what you think about foreign

States. It is an urgent matter and it needs to be treated

correctly. I trust you, Thugnol, of being a person of great skills

and intelligence, and I’m aware that you are capable of doing

what is best for your Kingdom. I know what your people have

gone through in the past. I will not declare myself guilty nor

innocent, you know that we ignore any other matter that is not

ours. But this, Thugnol, is a danger that goes beyond our

differences. I am eager to sacrifice the neutrality of the Avian

States in order to keep the world still spinning around the Sun.

I am eager to sacrifice the pure history of my country in order

to survive this. I do not want to experience chaos and confusion

with a power I am not entirely sure of, nor the ideals of the

different factions that are about to meet in war.  Thugnol, do

not look at the other side this time. I insist, this is a petition to

protect both of our lands. 
Minister Akil Vrikirs
Avian States Representant

He sighed. Then, he walked inside the room…but not before throwing the letter on the floor, with disgust on his face. 



Negotiation by Maria Gabriela Orellana


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