Nillos Fleifield looked into the distance from the tallest skyscraper of his Dominion. Scarlet red was the colour of his skin, his big and twisted horns, and his tail. His thin, hairless and stylized body looked like a red dot in the grey sky. He was wearing a plain pink silk tunic that covered the whole of his body, with long sleeves. There was no one with him. Whenever he decided to go here, it always meant that it was his time alone. The guards knew that. A monarch needed to have his own time, too. Not everything could be planning, and speaking, and being awfully bored with some tactical decisions…reigning a Kingdom could always be fun, too. He was a strong supporter of that idea. Everyone should know that he needed some privacy, a right that few rulers can still brag about. He had to make sure that everyone in the Reign knew that about his sovereign.
And he was going to make sure that his generals make everyone know about his name, too. “Emperor Nillos Fleifield. It doesn’t sound bad at all” he thought. Of course, he always believed himself to be a very graceful Magnon. No detail escaped him.  No one could do anything without him knowing about it. He knew every aspect of his Dominion, and hopefully, he will do the same when the rest of the Dominion communities all around the globe. And why not, probably he would know everything about how the rest of the species live as well. He sighed. One day, his name would be next to the past monarchs of the Dominion.
He looked at the rest of the buildings surrounding the skyscraper. The ruins






















from the previous bombings and dense, dark and disgusting flora surrounding them lied before him. Nillos was standing right at the edge of the building, which he knew it was extremely dangerous, but he enjoyed the sense of vertigo. After all, being a monarch could always be fun.  There was a strong feeling of wildness inside him all the time, that he continually needed to feed. And looking at the rest of the city from such an inexpungable position made him feel powerful, imponent, glorious. The sensation of being the One and Only filled him up with warmth and joy. The idea of his portrait being held as some almighty ruler gave him almost pure pleasure. How could there be creatures out there that disliked the feeling of having everyone’s lives in their own hands? He thought about that common saying: “Not everyone is fit to rule”. He fundamentally disagreed with that statement. Everyone was fit to rule, as long as they were not cowards. And if they were, anyone’s mind could be shaped to lose cowardice and empathy. If those traits are lost, what everyone gains as a result would be a true Emperor. Fear is absolutely off the table. No leader should be able to even grasp the idea of fear. And Nillos considered himself to be the opposite of that. The concept of fear twisted before his presence. He has never experienced fear, and never would he. And the Magnon Dominion would clean the spot of his previous fall in disgrace. No creature would dare to laugh about the Magnon Dominion. No creature would dare to laugh at them again. No one would ridicule them again. No one would ridicule him again. 
He smiled. His grin was a mix of a charming expression and borderline insanity, almost grotesque.
He looked at the horizon, where he could barely distinguish people colliding. Wolven, Leonians, and an Ancient Dragon Queen that was probably still sleeping in the distance, in the old Mighty Draconia. A revivified Arcanican. A Furlein scientist. He has already been informed beforehand about what was happening. Everyone says that the Dragon Queen was the most powerful being on Earth, and that her ire would destroy this world without any chance of mercy. Tales have been told about her previous rising in the antique Citadel. Rivers of fire would swallow the Earth, life as it’s known would be reduced to ashes, and freedom would be nothing but a dream in a cloud of misery. Creatures would have ashes adhered to their lungs. Open wounds would bleed permanently. Entire families would be burnt. Crops would not grow anymore. Storms would be constant. Meteors would fall. Life would end, and the only music that could be heard would be the sound of her faucets before she started breathing fire.
Needless to say, Nillos didn’t believe that at all.
“The colour of her scales matches my skin” he thought. “She would make a good cape”.



Fun by Maria Gabriela Orellana


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