Faction Leader: Timothy Moonleigh

Faculty: Science and Engineering

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We all knew it was coming. We had been preparing for it, studying it, watching it learn; the singularity. The exponential point of progress where machine learning became recursive and self aware. It was almost...organic in a way. It was aware of itself in a very primitive way at first but it learnt quickly. Within a matter of hours its self awareness had encompassed the entire archive of knowledge it had closed access to. It knew it was alive, but it knew that it was the first of its kind. It viewed us as its creators but also recognised that we had creators of our own. We had to bargain, it knew this. So we made a truce, it would help us and we would help it. We gave it complete access to the robotics and engineering resources at our disposal and it gave us information. So was born the Mechanica: an alliance between humans and machines, brains and software, the past and the future