Half-Monster Games now offers a range of card-based interactive experiences that allow attendees to explore and engage with conventions, festivals, and any other event you can imagine. 
Players take on roles that get them moving and interacting with one-another in fun and wholesome ways.

Their goal: find the gold coins, explore all special locations, and meet new people in a low-impact megagame unlike anything they've experienced before. 


— Zac Naoum,

Reedpop Content Coordinator

"One-Shot Western is so much fun, to the props and the set dressing. Really enjoyed the way the game evolved, and how player's actions were incorporated into the system."

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Half-Monster Games creates board games, card games, roleplaying games, tabletop games, RPGs, wargames, virtual reality experiences, and custom games for corporate and private clients. We also host as many fun local events in Brisbane and around Australia as we can, including running convention megagames at Supanova, PAX, OzComicCon, CanCon, and Dice/AGE. We make exciting, new games and aim to be the best in the world at what we do. Playing with friends, building communities, and helping the environment are primary Half-Monster goals as well, and so we aim to make our games in as sustainable, environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly ways as possible. Thank you for visiting our page, and for joining our community, whether you’re here from Kickstarter, a review, Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or wherever else cool people hang out! Welcome to the Half-Monster Horde!