Recording a Podcast

It’s been an interesting and tricky month in terms of balancing interpersonal dynamics. Drunk Game Design is the latest project I’ve gotten rolling, and as usual I’ve attempted to assemble a group of many people with varied personalities and complimentary skills. I choose collaborators and testers based on positive experiences, but sometimes you take a step of faith to involve someone in a project and you’re not quite sure how it will go.

The DGD team was a little smaller this episode, and that’s because balancing the wants, needs, goals, and objectives of everyone involved can be tricky, even when the project is small. Perhaps especially when the project is small, as it can be so malleable that trying to guide things in a direction will not for the idea everyone has in their heads. Without going into specifics, it was a tricky month with many conversations about varied points of view. The biggest thing we’ve had to work through as a team has been clarifying and negotiating Agreement details in terms of the Intellectual Property, Royalties, and Rights, and that’s a tough conversation. DGD is a little different to many podcasts in that it produces, each month, a product that could potentially be sold for profit later. It’s also one attached to and funded by a business, and produced by another business. What started as a passion project and really just an excuse to hang out has quickly developed into something with legs (at least in our minds :P ). If you’re part of a project, I’ve definitely learned this month that you gotta talk about this stuff early. It’s one of those things you don’t necessarily understand till you walk the path.

Second recommendation would be to have the conversations and lay down what you want. If those things don’t match, don’t be afraid to walk away. In the end, our relationships between people are the most important thing, and there’ll always be more business-y opportunities in the future. It’s been a big month, but we’ve managed to come out of it with a cool game, a solid team, and friendships maintained. It’s not what I thought it would be but I’m happy with that at least ☺️


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