The War has ended, The World has begun



Humanity has Fallen

Human civilization has fallen into dispersed Magnon tribes and the Kingdoms of Animalkind have raised to sentience and are taking command of the ruins left on the world


From the Rubble comes the Rise

The Animal Kingdoms are rising up to conquer what remains of the Earth. Sending out adventuring parties to claim land, explore uncharted territory and claim ancient Magnon Tech.


Stories are also told of covert groups of infiltrators sent to spy, destabilise and topple rival kingdoms.


The Pack

As the flames of conflict settled, adventurous Beasts banded together into Packs to roam the land looking for work.

These Packs formed a bond of companionship stronger than the demands of their separate Kingdoms.

Animal Empire The Role-Playing Game

  • A simple RPG that can be enjoyed by both new and experienced RPG fans.
    A unique character progression system encourages players to test their limits and try everything.

    Set in the Animal Empire Universe this game is canonically before the
    Animal Empire Kingdom Building Card Game

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