2 - 6 players

30 minutes play time


Escape from certain death in a nebula made of horrific goo monsters!


In this game you become crewmembers lost in the Goo Nebula, attempting to repair a small ship before time runs out.


Little handmade goo monsters of various colours and levels of deadliness seep on board: you must hunt through the junk on board to find the repair parts for your engine, then race to the bridge and warp to safety!


Randomised ship layouts and a random deck of playing cards representing the stuff on board mean that each game is different, but always fun and challenging!


Goo Nebula PANIC!

  • Artwork by Lauren Carney:


    Logo by Tiara Ramdhan

  • If you're not enjoying your game within 30 days of arrival, just contact us and we can organise a return of the game to us, and the purchase price to you!