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We’ve tried our best to make a hilarious debating game where
you, as Doctors of the 1800’s (who may or may not be drunk)
attempt to treat eachother’s disgusting Ailments with even more
horrifying Cures.


Play begins with every player drawing Cures and
Ailments. Then, you all take turns being the “Patient”, revealing an
Ailment of you choice for the other doctors to cure. The deck is
made up of cards that feature questionable cures derived from the
finest medical science of the age:


  • Alchemical Salves and Tinctures
  • Mysticism, Philosophy & Psychiatry
  • Anatomical Barber-Surgery


The game is played in real time, with all Doctors presenting and arguing for

their Cures to be chosen, even though most of them will be extremely
discomforting and frankly alarming.

Trust Me I'm A Doctor


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