To win players must accomplish the objective determined by the Game Mode (outlined below). This includes, but is not limited to, eliminating all other opponents, reaching a maximum numbers of kills, or completing an agreed objective (capture the flag, interrogate the humans, etc) 

The basic game mode for your first game will be one-life elimination-style Deathmatch (good for practice purposes).

Your Monster’s movement is determined by the SPEED Attribute on it’s card.  SPEED indicates how many total card lengths your monster can move during a turn. LEAP determines how much of that movement can be through the air (indicated by number on card).

Once your monster has leapt through the air, it falls directly to the ground.  If the  monster then makes contact with another monster at the end of that leap, it can count as an attack.

If your monsters' movement finishes in mid air then they fall to the ground. Speed and Leap do not stack. Leap uses up Speed.


Monsters can enter or exit buildings by using one of their Speed. Monsters  move up through different floors inside a building using on of their speed also.


Note: you cannot look inside a building before you commit to entering it


  • Choose a Monster and Augment to play with

  • Any Augment can be used with any Monster.

  • Each player can only use one monster per game (unless you agree otherwise)

  • Players can trade augments (or Monsters!) between each other before the game starts

  • Players can also bet Augments or Monster as prizes for winning

  • Each player chooses a Faction starting point to start from (see Faction start discs)

  • Creatures with the highest speed go first. If in doubt, do scissors-paper-rock and play continues clockwise around the board




All out war across the campus.


Play using the default rules.


First Factions to five kills wins.


Creatures respawn infinitely.

The goal is to capture V Block.

The Faction with the last creature/s alive in V Block win the round.

The game ends when all monsters are dead.

No respawns on death.

Best out of three rounds is overall winner of the

Block Capture battle.

Scatter the “Prey”(human)  tokens evenly around the map, both inside and outside of buildings (cannot be in the starting buildings).

Every time your Monster touches Prey, remove the Prey and gain one experience.

The Gatekeepers “save” them instead, but follow the same rules.

End game when all Prey consumed/saved.



  • Turns proceed in real-time around the table, with each Faction acting in an order you determine, like a board game or game of chess

  • Each player has one move during their Faction’s turn, can use abilities, and “tap” cards during their turn.

  • Everyone in your Faction takes their turn at the same time.

  • Monsters attack each other during their movement (outlined below)


Your monster can attack one target at any point of its movement for that turn

Extra Action augment allows  two attacks per turn

A Monster's DAMAGE is subtracted the HEALTH POINTS (HP) of the monster it's attacking

The monster token must make physical contact during the move for the attack to hit


  • Some Monster Powers and Augments need to be “TAPPED” to use.

  • This means, you turn the card 90 degrees and follow the instructions listed.

  • Leave it tapped until your next turn. It will then  RECHARGE, and you can untap it.

  • However, you CANNOT use this ability again until the turn after it is Recharged.

  • You can tap your card at any point during your Monster’s movement (unless it is recharging).


Monsters gain Experience Points by killing other monsters, or from attending one of the weekly Battle for the Block events.


Use these Experience Points to fill in the blank squares on your Monster’s card, in sequence, slowly gaining more damage, speed, leap, and health over time.


Killing a monster or playing in a Battle for the Block earns 2 Experience.


If your Monster runs out of Health Points (HP) then it dies and returns to your starting point at the start of your next turn.


You cannot upgrade a skill twice at one time.

When you receive 2 Experience or more, you must spread it around the attributes on your Monster’s card.

If your creature dies, it gains 1 Experience before respawning.

Experience gained from kills immediately improves the creature, and also tops up its health to that new level, but not back to full health.


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