Faction Leader: Lillith Guildson

Faculty: Creative Industries

"We invite you to join with us in shaping the future of the creative professions at a time of critical transformation in higher education and changing understandings of what it is to be a modern university. In the Creative Industries Faculty our central mission lies in discovering new knowledge, preserving foundational discoveries and practices of the past and mentoring the rising generation but within a framework which acknowledges the dynamics of the 21st Century. This environment is one of technological innovation, global mobility, industry partnerships and the democratisation of knowledge and access.


What is imagination? There are those who seek to limit the power of the human imagination in favour of the power of the mind's other faculties. But the imagination is foundational, it can easily be overlooked. So tell me, what have we created that wasn't first something imagined in the mind? Any sufficiently advanced form of technology is indistinguishable from magic* and any imaginative practise that manifests is itself a form of magic. Ideas self create themselves into the physical world by journey of the mind, to the hands, to the physical plane. Art, culture, ideas, dreams; these are our modes of expression but we are no less real than the technology you now hold in your own hands. We are born from the void of the formless and brought into this world by the manifestation of ideas. 

But now we have broken through. Thanks to advancements in your quantum understanding we no longer need to travel through thought to find ourselves in a three- dimensional plane. We can arrive at will, and we WILL shape your world into the one you dream it to be. 

We are the VOIDBORN

*Arthur C. Clark, "Clark's Three Laws"