"I don't really like that sicko bastard hanging out with us. Is it necessary for him to be here? We paid him already. We are using his creature. He knows that."
"He wants to see the results of what he created too. As much as a weird furlein he is, he has the right to do be here," the Wolven sitting on his wooden desk answered sharply.
The night was way too cold and Vrersud didn’t feel like babysitting a mad feline creature. But the word of Straabrad the Terrible, the Leader of the Wolven clan, was sacred; or that’s how they should be taken. He had the complexity of a gigantic wolf of mixed black and grey fur and bloody red eyes. His armour was made out of old steel and it had with huge bordeaux shoulder pads with small metallic spikes in an erratic disposition. Leader or not, that didn’t stop Vrersud from speaking his mind aloud. This was a common practice inside the community. You could speak your mind as long as you followed their rules.
"Then he can go alone without us."
"That wasn't the deal. Vrersud, stop complaining, and that’s an order. Learn to be his assistant and try to keep him busy."
Vrersud the Earthhunter, an armoured Wolven warrior of smaller size than Straabrad, never enjoyed being in the company of a furlein very much. Most of them behaved like superior beings, untouchable and insufferable. ‘The Doctor’ which is the nickname given to Doctor Ithas Lamraall was now smoking






















outside the leader’s tent, quiet, and he was who they were talking about. Vrersud could see his shadow through the tent. He was dismissed by his leader and got outside, walking slowly and tiredly. Before he could even speak to the furlein, he had already started showing him his ration of authority.  
"Did they leave yet?" the doctor asked, in a severe tone.
"They didn't leave. The Leonians are stubborn. They will probably stay here until we do something."
"I assume all of you plan to do the same, right?"
"We are expecting for them to retreat, sooner or later, but it will happen eventually."
"You don't sound very convinced."
"There's no more information for us right now. Tomorrow we will send a specialized scouting party to see how we can get rid of them, but to get to them unsuspicious about it they will probably have to take days to surround the area. We already know that their water sources are limited and that they won’t be able to do much more to solve that matter. The Leonians are not comfortable in this area, otherwise they would have attacked already."
Vrersud seemed stressed. The furlein, not so much. He was still talking to his back, as he never dared to turn around and make eye contact, but he could swear that he was smiling with a twisted grin, as he always seemed to do.
"For Dragons, days are no more than mere seconds. You shouldn’t worry. I can wait a lifetime as long as I see this happening."
Vrersud was certainly bigger and stronger than the doctor, but his personality was very intimidating. Just his tone was enough to make a furious warrior feel uneasy.
"Is there something else you need…sir?"
"Maybe a little bit more of silence from all of you, could that be done?"

The Doctor turned back to see him. The orange fur in his face was interrupted by an extremely unpleasant burn mark that covered his right cheek and great part of his neck. He was wearing brown raincoat and trousers right now, trying to hide himself from the cold.
"Excuse me, sir?"
"You are not a very good assistant, aren’t you?" He really seemed to be enjoying this.
Vrersud really felt the need of ripping his head off... if only the leader hadn’t told him specifically not to. In any other context, he wouldn’t have dared to breathe next to him.
"What I meant to say," the doctor cleared his voice. "Is that all this camp, all your people, should be quieter. I like to enjoy my thoughts when I’m alone, and now all I hear is rubbish and metal. Whenever I find myself at peace is when I get more creative, if you can understand that, that would be very helpful to me."
Ithas gave him the shadiest smile the warrior has ever seen in his life; it came straight from a nightmare. Vrersud squinted. This furlein was batshit crazy.
"I can see what you are talking about, sir."
"No, you can’t," he made a pause, throwing his cigarette on the ground. "No one ever does. The world is full of hypocrites that tell you that they understand you just to make you shut your mouth!" 
Vrersud didn’t answer to that, even if he knew he wasn’t entirely wrong. What could he even answer, still, when this doctor was clearly arguing against himself?
Ithas huffed.
"But you know what? I don’t mind that. Hypocrites tend to be less smart. Their own fallacies make them fall. But I’m not that. I’m as honest as a living being can be, Vrersud. This -" he gestured at his body "–this is all me. A hundred percent truth. I don’t hide my thoughts, and I never had the intention to do so."
He turned his back against the Wolven, offended. Vrersud really didn’t know what to tell him, like most of the time he spoke to him, the conversations always turned like this. Also, he didn’t imagine that what he said was entirely accurate; Ithas is rumoured to have a criminal past. The physician lit up another cigarette. Vrersud caught that this gesture was his very particular way to say ‘goodbye’, so in that moment he just decided to leave, not before looking one more time at this very strange figure.  
“I hope the Dragon is worth all this” Vrersud whispered to himself while turning away.

"Oh she is. You have no idea," the Furlein said from the darkness, eyes glowing green in the glow from his lit cigarette. Those damn ears, Vrersud thought, turning again and walking back to his own tent, aiming to find some well-deserved rest.



The Doctor by Maria Gabriela Orellana